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NovusWay Announcement – Land Sale

NovusWay has closed on the sale of real estate that will provide a significant infusion of cash for
much-needed current operational and maintenance expenses.
After the Board decided not to pursue a previous offer, NovusWay received an unsolicited
request to purchase three parcels at the Lutheridge camp along Airport Road, straddling Birch
Drive. These parcels were not necessary to deliver programming but had significant economic
value given the surrounding area’s growth. On August 1, 2023, NovusWay received $1.915
million for the sale of this property. The final sale terms include future restrictions on how the
parcels may be developed and used.
The sale includes a small part of Birch Drive that bisects the three parcels. As a part of the sale,
the developer has granted NovusWay and all residents and users of Lutheridge a perpetual
easement for Birch Drive for the benefit of Lutheridge residents and all camp participants. Upon
approval by NovusWay, the developer may later shift where Birch Drive intersects Airport Road
to meet the eventual development needs of the property (which may require a temporary, short
term closure for construction). Still, Birch Drive will permanently remain open and accessible
for the benefit of everyone at Lutheridge.
The sale of these lots reflects an ongoing effort by the NovusWay Board to improve the financial
situation for Lutheridge and all NovusWay camps. Floyd Self, the President of the NovusWay
Board, said, “Ideally, you never want to sell any of your camp’s property. However, the
changing landscape around Lutheridge and the continuing financial challenges we are
experiencing, like many other faith-based organizations, compels us to take a wider and longer
view of how best to use our assets to support learning and growing in faith.”
Dick Peterson, the Intentional Interim CEO of NovusWay, explained the importance of this sale
to the ministry: “Over the last eighteen months and as we emerged from the pandemic, we have
had to be careful stewards of NovusWay resources as we reorganized our staffing and
comprehensively looked at how all our camps operate. This money will enable us to undertake
some needed improvements at Lutheridge and our other camps, shore up some shortfalls in our
budget that have occurred from our 2023 summer camp, and repay internal and external
borrowing that has been necessary as a result of the pandemic and in these times of increased
staffing, food, operational, maintenance, and utility costs.”
While this sale provides vital, short-term benefits, the long term financial challenges faced by
our NovusWay ministry remain significant. The Board is very engaged in developing and
implementing longer term solutions for aging infrastructure, inflation, new technology, and
updated programming. NovusWay will continue to seek financial support through the gracious
gifts of our participants and benefactors and pursue appropriate strategic opportunities that
enhance our operations and growth so that our ability to be a leader in the delivery of faith-filled
experiences for all ages at our camps continues for many more decades.